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Strategic Priorities
  • Foster a welcoming and supportive social environment for local and remote Wikimedia volunteers.
  • Empower academic, cultural, scientific, governmental, and other knowledge institutions to contribute content and subject-matter expertise to Wikimedia projects.
  • Foster diverse participation in all aspects of the Wikimedia movement, with particular attention paid to women and people of color.
  • Promote the development of broadly representative content using authentic source materials that reflect diverse perspectives.
  • Share knowledge and practices with peer organizations in the fields of free knowledge and free and open source software, including Wikimedia affiliates.

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  • Learn from our peer organizatio3technological programs
907 days ago
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Strategy Meeting, Day 1
  • Goal: Connecting members of partner institutions
  • Goal: Support the production of upstream knowledge artifacts that support the Wikimedia projects, including recording of oral histories
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  1. A quorum of one-third of the Board shall be sufficient to conduct business.
  1. Meetings shall be called by the Chair or the Secretary, or through a petition signed by not less than one-third of the Board. Notice of not less than 48 hours is required for meetings of the Board. Notice shall be delivered in person, in writing, over the telephone, or through electronic mail.
James H
  1. Business of the Board shall be transacted through a majority vote of those present and voting at any called meeting of the Board, in-person or otherwise, for which adequate notice is provided and for which there is a quorum.
  1. Any action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Board may be taken without a meeting if the Board unanimously consents to such action in writing, including through electronic mail. The proposed item of action shall be stated in the form of a resolution and not less than one-third of the Board shall concur in a period of not less than seven days for the action to be effective.
  1. The Board may delegate business to committees as it sees fit. The Board shall define the scope of each committee, whether it is a standing or special committee, and whether it can take action on behalf of the Board.
  1. The Board may appoint additional members. Removal of Board members shall only occur if a majority of the entire Board votes to remove such a member.
  1. Any member of the Board may resign through the submission of a written statement to the Chair of Secretary; the acceptance of any such statement is not necessary for the resignation to be effective.
Article III – Officers
  1. The Board shall elect officers to one-year terms.
  1. The Chair shall be the chief officer of the Consortium, and shall preside over meetings of the Board and of the Consortium.
  1. The Vice Chair shall serve as Chair in the absence, incapacitation, or death of the Chair.
  1. The Secretary shall maintain the records of the Consortium and keep minutes of the meetings.
  1. The Board may establish additional officer positions as deemed necessary.
Article IV – Miscellaneous
  1. The Board may adopt a membership structure by the majority vote of the entire Board.
  1. This Governance Framework may be amended or substituted by a majority vote of the entire Board.
  1. This Governance Framework shall not be effective for any incorporated successor to this unincorporated association.
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James H Tech LadyMafia edit-a-thon
WikiProject Women in Technology:
Meetup page:
Have your contributions count toward our report!
Regina L Cheatsheet
I'm working on...
  • Dr. Jaleh Daie (Stub created)
Francesca T
  • Checking to see if Women Computer Scientists and American Computer programers match up where necessary
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The tasks of the coordinator include:
Jake O
  • James, I would replace 'manage' with something looser like 'help facilitate'
  • To manage the work of a nationally distributed base of Wikimedia volunteers, including the advisory board of the GLAM-Wiki US Consortium;
  • You should specific which organization--Wikimedia D.C. or GLAM-Wiki Consortium
  • To assist with organizational matters, such as fundraising, bylaws, membership, and general governance;
  • To develop and maintain the contact database of institutions, professionals, and volunteers in our network
  • To synthesize experiences, expertise, and lessons learned into toolkits for use by institutions and organizers, and to catalogue existing toolkits;
  • To facilitate communications with the public, including through our blog and our video podcasts;
  • To prepare for and facilitate gatherings, including the biannual advisory board meetings.
988 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by James Hare 988 days ago
  1. Hire Wikimedia DC employee and task
  1. Potential future members?  Wiki Project Med Foundation? Things outside of "cultural" sector?
  1. Hire Wikimedia DC employee and tasking 
989 days ago
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