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Dominic Byrd-McDevitt

854 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by James Hare , Dominic Byrd-McDevitt 854 days ago
  • Lead national affiliates meetings at WikiConference USA, etc.
James H Resources
What are our unfulfilled needs:
Dominic B
  • Project management / event planning
  • We do it well, but depends on James
James H
  • Program evaluation
  • James crunches the numbers, writes quarterly reports
  • Documentation
  • Is the chapter wiki up to date? Are we sufficiently documenting best practices?
  • Fundraising
  • James generally writes WMF grant proposals
  • Grant proposals from other organizations, general fundraising
  • General contact management
  • Not consistently done
  • We have the software but not the person keeping the records up to date
  • Record keeping (receipts, etc.)
  • It would be nice to store corporate records in a central place
  • Following up with participants
  • Not done consistently
  • Project logistics (turning money and time into programs)
Dominic B
  • Especially related to grantmaking
James H
  • Depends on James currently
Dominic B
  • Communications—external especially
  • Marketing, social media, blogs
James H Staffing needs:
  • GLAM-Wiki US Consortium Organizational Development Coordinator: Generally focused on building the national network; let's assume for now they cannot get bogged down in DC-specific business
  • Wikimedia DC specific
  • "Schedule Master" – make sure the volunteer roles are fulfilled and that the work gets done, contact management
  • Event logistics contract role (make sure all the material needs of an event are met; relevant information collection)
  • Potential grantwriter for specific projects
  • These are not concretely defined individuals or FTEs so much as they are general categories of work. We should work with a consulting firm to figure out if this is one person or four people or anything in between.
  • The general principle: we are not focused on hiring staff for the organization, but on defining tasks and contracting them out to freelancers, consulting firms, etc. to make sure that the work is done that allows volunteers to be the most effective they can be in fulfilling the mission. So that volunteering doesn't feel like work.
Action items
  • Next board meeting is August
  • James/Kirill will take the strategy meeting notes, develop them into a strategic plan (including research into consulting)
  • James will draft the annual plan for next fiscal year. Possible budget / grant proposal to follow
  • John will recruit public policy committee members and have a brainstorming meeting on our policy values
  • Emily will be doing outreach to the African American History Museum
  • Emily will be starting to plan the Diversity Conference, facilitator training, public health conference initial planning
  • Peter is coordinating the upcoming edit-a-thons
  • Trisha will look over the QuickBooks with James
  • James will work to add Trisha as an account signer
855 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by James Hare , J Hayes , Dominic Byrd-McDevitt , Peter Meyer 855 days ago
  • Goal: Improve the new editor experience
James H
  • Newcomers should not feel an excess of disappointment when they make error
  • Mentorship system
  • Mail (literally, mail) a kit with prepared slide decks, booklets, guide book of potential crises (e.g. new article is deleted) and proper response
  • Metrics: Survey for satisfaction, quantitative and qualitative.
Dominic B
  • Goal: Facilitator training and cultivating more facilitators
  • Metrics: At least one training; number of facilitators (anyone who has run an event in the past year); the existence of a list of recognized facilitators
  • Goal: Discourage harassment
  • Make resolution advising WMF or chapters
  • Invite expert speaker/advisor to a conference or a special event
  • Sponsor research on harassment on Wikimedia
James H
  • Metric: Identify community initiatives for us to support with resources (human, financial, corporate apparatus, etc.), doing the above stuff
  • Goal: Provide the opportunity for people to participate longer term than a single event
  • Have independently branded, general interest Wikimedia events
  • Free merchandise! Free calendars! Free t-shirts!
  • Metrics: Number of such events, number of people participating, rate of repeat attendance, amount of free merchandise given out
  • Priority: Empowering institutions to contribute content/expertise:
  • Goal: Chapter provides advanced support to organizations for events
  • See above
  • Metric: Surveying institutional partners to assess needs and to determine if needs are being met
  • Goal: Connecting members of partner institutions
  • More networking events; multi-institution events -- one to be at Public Health Summit, Nov 12-14.
  • Goal Bolster strong connections to partners
  • Promote the development of Wikipedians-in-residence.  -- Chapter could offer a fellowship
  • Formalize partnerships (via GLAM-Wiki US Consortium and/or a DC-specific thing)
  • Benefactors!?
  • Number of graduated boot camp participants; number of boot camp participants who go on to implement programs (including Wikipedian in Residence or something else); number of recognized institutional partners and/or benefactors
  • Goal: Encourage participation of subject-matter experts/expertise, including through legitimate peripheral participation (i.e. not directly editing)
  • Metrics: Number of articles reviewed (with recommended changes) by experts, number of experts engaged, WMF global metrics, partnerships with organizations
  • Metric:  two events in coming year  . . example places:  Howard U and ECAC community center.  African collection at Smithsonian?   Hispanic/Spanish-language outreach?
  • Goal: Hold the Diversity Conference
  • Metric: Number of participants, number of countries represented, number of plans developed, race/gender demographic stats
  • Goal: Have racially diverse, SES diverse participants, online and offline
  • Metric: Demographic stats collected via survey
  • Goal: Have geographically diverse events and partners
  • Metric: Locations of events and partners
  • Goal: Hold multilingual events
  • Metric: Number of events, number of languages represented, participation at these events
  • Priority: Promoting broadly representative content
  • Goal: Promote the contribution of primary source materials of underrepresented countries and cultures
  • Metrics: Number of items contributed, countries/cultures represented, use of source materials in articles
  • Goal: Support the production of upstream knowledge artifacts that support the Wikimedia projects, including recording of oral histories
  • Metrics: Number of artifacts produced, Wikimedia projects improved (e.g. number of Wikipedia articles improved, number of Wikisource texts added)
  • Goal: Develop indigenous language editions of Wikipedia
  • Contacts with like-minded organizations
  • Metrics: Number of languages, WMF global metrics, number of participants
  • Goal: Conduct gap analysis of contents on Wikimedia projects, including underrepresented cultures and Native American languages
  • Metrics: Did the gap analysis happen?
  • Priority: Share knowledge and practices with peer organizations
  • Goal: Develop public policy positions in coordination with the Wikimedia Foundation and other partners in the United States
Peter M
  • blog on these subjects
  • imitate the European chapters which have influence on cpoyright reform
  • advocate through the cultural institutions
  • Europeana is a cultural heritage org on digital collections
  • DPLA (digital public library) is harmonizing rights statements
  • advocate open source in governments ; open science, citizen science ; citizen science edtiathon ?
James H
  • Goal: Learn from our peer organizations how to plan and carry out effective technological programs
  • Partner with organizations to do this
  • Metrics: Number of programs organized; satisfaction of participants
  • Wikimedia Foundation is sponsoring mini-hackathons in 2016. Our contact is Rachel Farrand, rfarrand@wikimedia.org
  • Goal: Actively participate in the Wikimedia (Affiliates) Conference through presentations highlighting our experiences
  • Metrics: Number of presentations held, number of participants, number of presentations we attend—documented
  • jim: do you want to mention mentoring other user groups, or proto-chapters
  • jim: do you want to mention stipends for support for volunteers
Peter M Peter:  can we add something about technology?   I would like to support hackathons.  We haven't maybe haven't maybe found the key to success there, but I would like to learn to code on wikimedia and extensions, to learn to use wikisource more (uploading documents), and alwyas to get better at editing wikidata.

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